Seizure and judicial sale of ships

Embargo y venta judicial de buques

An injunction for the arrest of a ship, whether national or foreign, is regulated by the International Agreement for the Arrest of Ships.
The forced sale of a ship will conform to the provisions of the law on Civil … Read more »

Commercial Register

Registro mercantil

The Commercial Register is a public office existing in all the provincial capitals and other cities under the regulations, by one or more dependant Mercantile Registrars and the Directorate… Read more »

Corporate social responsability

Acciones de responsabilidad social, individual y de administradores por deudas sociales

No co-ordination system has been established within corporate law for the social responsability actions of administrators.
In any case, it seems reasonable to asume that one can asume civil prejudice … Read more »

Our Firm

Nuestra Firma

Founded in 1998, De Castro Gabinete Jurídico was founded with the commitment to create a signature able to innovate in the delivery of legal services. We combine personalized service with high qualification and flexibility offered by new technologies. De Castro is a small firm, but very active and specialized. We aim to interpret their needs and develop legal solutions practices. We intend is to take part in every one of the issues that we accept and commit firmly … Read more